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How Long Does It Take To See Fitness Results? – Tips From A Qualified Personal Trainer

August 17, 2021

Anyone that exercises and works out knows the feeling of anticipation, wondering when results will be visible after all the hard-work you’ve put in. It’s easy to ask yourself “When am I going to see results, after all my working out?” and the answer to this question is varied because there are many factors involved […]

Benefits Of Fitness Classes At The Country Club Gym

June 28, 2021

Here at the Country Club Gym we know that a healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, but it changes your mind, attitude and your mood, with this in mind our fully qualified Personal Trainers Jenny & Ricky have been working hard to but together a range of exercise classes and personal training programmes to […]

The Long-Awaited Re-Opening of Guys Café Bar & Restaurant

May 31, 2021

It has been over a week since Guys café Bar and Restaurant was able to open its doors and welcoming customers back again. And what a busy time is has been! The new menu has been well received by customers, here are a few of our most popular dishes from the first week of opening. […]