This fabulous New Year brings exciting new gym equipment, and a fresh new layout to The Country Club, here at Patrington Haven Leisure Park.

Starting with an intense “Spring Clean” of all the facilities and a fresh lick of paint. Nothing says spring like a good clean, reshuffle and a little decorating.

Gym Members may also notice a new layout across the Gym. Don’t worry, we haven’t said farewell to any equipment, we have simply created more space to warm up and stretch, train your best, hydrate and rest.

This new gym floor configuration has opened up areas for brand new top of the range exercise equipment. Keeping up with all the modern trends and the latest technology, bringing members only the best to support you on your fitness journey.

So What’s New?
Following collaboration with fitness industry experts, thorough research, and incorporating feedback from members, our dedicated Country Club team is thrilled to unveil these fantastic new additions to the Gym:

Technogym Element Dual Adjustable Pulley System – With user-friendly design and advanced biomechanics, this piece of equipment enables you to perform explosive exercises focused on maximising strength and on building power and speed.

Technogym Element Plus Knee Assisted Chin Dip – This is a sturdy and compact device for training comfort and a variety of exercise routines based on body weight or with the help of the weight pack. Including pull-ups, chin-ups and dips.

Technogym Pure Strength Half Rack – Such a versatile performance strength training area that packs a lot into a relatively small space.

Technogym Stair Climber – Stair climber easy for beginners, challenging for the fittest. A step after another, you will ascend beyond your limits.

Technogym Treadmills – Lose weight, keep fit and boost your performance with these award-winning design treadmills for immersive and safe gym workout experiences. Technogym treadmills combine impeccable design and exquisite details, inspiring your best workouts.

Brand-new Jordan 7ft Olympic Bar with Bearings – These bearings guarantee a smoother rotation with each and every lift. Forge impressive biceps and triceps with a variety of strength exercises including the wide-grip standing curl, standard-grip curl and overhead triceps extension. Build broad, powerful shoulders with exercises such as the overhead shoulder press. This is the essential bar for all gym-goers from bodybuilders through to swimmers.

Fresh Jordan Dumbbells ranging from 5kg to 40kg and State-of-the-art Adjustable Benches – One of the most significant benefits of exercising with dumbbells is that it helps to build strength.

These are just to name a few. Pop by the gym and check out what other new equipment, upgrades and accessories we have treated The Country Club Gym to!

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