Stay Safe

A Safe Space For Your Workout

The safety of our members and team members is our number one priority. In line with UK government guidance, we have had to make some changes to the way we operate so things may be slightly different when we see you again.

Whether you are starting slow, building up or jumping straight back in to your routine, The Country Club is suitable for all fitness levels and here to help you achieve your goals!

Cleaning and Social Distancing

A clean and safe space for all members

The team at The Country Club Gym have been working had to ensure a safer and cleaner environment for all members.

  • This includes a deep clean every morning and enhanced cleaning regimes throughout the day in the gym and pool. These include a particular focus on gym equipment and high touch areas.
  • There are hand sanitising points throughout The Country Club facilities and The Gym has installed cleaning stations for all members to use to wipe down equipment before and after use.
  • The Gym has been rearranged and The Swimming Pool now has a designated swim lane to help with social distancing.
  • All areas are clearly marked out to create the space you need to work out while keeping a safe distance.
  • Using signage and clear floor markings to help members to remain a safe distance apart.
  • When entering The Country Club we ask all members to wash their hands at the wash station and use the sanitising stations throughout the gym.
  • All members must sanitise equipment before and after use.
    • Pay attention to frequently touched areas
    • Spray these areas with the disinfectant provided
    • Use disposable roll to wipe and dry
    • Bin the disposable roll once used

Preparing for your visit

The changing rooms and shower facilities are available

Where possible, we ask members to arrive in their workout clothes or swimwear underneath their clothing to avoid using the changing rooms. After using the gym or pool we ask that members shower at home where possible.

What should I bring?

  • Please bring your own water bottle. The water dispenser will be available for you to refill your bottle.
  • Towels are not permitted in the gym area. Please use the disposable roll provided and bin straight after use.
  • Whilst you are not required to wear a mask when working out, members are welcome to do so if you feel more comfortable.
  • If you wish to use boxing gloves, please bring your own.
  • Please avoid bringing bags, coats, and personal belongings into the facilities where possible. We recommend leaving non-essential items at home or locked in your car.
  • Lockers will be available, but we ask that they are wiped down fully before and after use with the cleaning materials provided.

Using The Swimming Pool

Members will be able to use the swimming pool and whirlpool.

We ask all members to follow the guidance when using the swimming pool:

  • Swimming Pool capacity – maximum 20 people
  • Whirlpool capacity – maximum 2 people
  • If the pool has reached capacity, please wait for someone to leave the pool before entering
  • Please respect social distancing
  • Please observe and follow the signage of the designated swim lane and around the swimming pool area
  • Please use both entry / exit points in line with social guidance
  • Where possible, we ask members to shower at home where possible after using the pool.