Anyone that exercises and works out knows the feeling of anticipation, wondering when results will be visible after all the hard-work you’ve put in. It’s easy to ask yourself “When am I going to see results, after all my working out?” and the answer to this question is varied because there are many factors involved and every person is different.

Personal Trainer at Guy’s Country Club Gym, Jenny, has some key advice that should see you achieve your desired results in the most efficient way. Jenny says that the key to any type of progress be it weight loss, fitness levels or stamina is in these two words…

  • CONSISTENCY – To engage in fitness activities on a frequent and regular basis.
  • ADHERENCE – Sticking to an exercise program.

Doing things regularly week to week, without straying too far off the path is the key to progress, this is because the body is able to adapt better to a more organised routine. At the Country Club Gym, you and your training partner can a enjoy a range of facilities, including a swimming pool from only £26.50 per month. Find out more here

Don’t go it alone

One way of staying consistent when it comes to training is to have a ‘training partner’, this would ideally be someone with similar aims and goals, but it isn’t essential. Have a training partner may mean that neither of you will want to be the one who lets the other one down, and you will be able to push each other through a workout on the days when you would prefer to just go home after work.  Sometimes we all need a bit of a helping hand to keep us on track when it comes to training regularly, and it may provide some encouragement once you both start seeing noticeable results in each other. A training partner could be the answer to you becoming consistent and sticking to your exercise program. By referring a friend at the Country Club Gym, you can get 1 month FREE of your gym membership, find out more here

Patience is key

It’s also important to understand that working out will be harder in the beginning. Acknowledging that making new habits by starting something new will always be more difficult in the beginning is a key element of consistency. Preparation may be helpful for keeping work outs at the top of your mind, so having your clothes prepped and ready or scheduling your work outs ahead of time will aid in them becoming a consistent part of your weekly routine.

Find workouts you enjoy

If you aren’t having fun while exercising, it’s much less likely that you’ll stay consistent in attending your workouts. Jenny recommends that you experiment, whether that means trying different gym classes, inviting different people along or trialing a range of equipment. Listening to your favourite music also helps too! There are a range of fitness classes at The Country Club Gym that are a great way of staying in shape whilst having fun, take a look here

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