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Outdoor and Indoor Fitness Classes From May 17th

All adult members of the Gym at The Country Club can get involved in the fitness classes as part of their membership! Our fitness classes are led by qualified Personal Trainers, who are there to provide guidance, motivation and structure. The fitness classes are a great way of staying in shape whilst having fun.

Here at The Country Club we listen to our members and their feedback of what they enjoy in our fitness classes as well as what they would like to see more of. Therefore, we often switch up our classes and our instructors can change the structure and exercises performed in each fitness class.

What’s great about our fitness classes?

It doesn’t matter what fitness level you are, all abilities can take part! Scroll down to read the different class descriptions!

Please Note: Fitness Classes are for Country Club gym members only. You will be asked to show your membership card.


Class Descriptions

Instructor Led Outdoor Group Fitness

We’ve designed a series of instructor led workouts to take group exercise outdoors.

You can expect a variety of exercises, with something different from each class. Our expert instructor will guide you through the session and help you get the most from the class.

Studio Cycling

A really motivating and effective class. Studio cycling is a cardiovascular workout on our state of the art indoor cycles which will push your fitness, whilst still allowing you to work to your own ability.

Circuit Training

A simple to follow all over body workout, with the use of different stations, you will tone and strengthen muscles and improve your fitness.

Body Tone

With the use of barbells and dumbbells, body tone will strengthen your entire body challenging and effective exercises such as squats, lunges, lifts and curls.

Body Blast

Using various body weight exercises (no equipment needed), blast will challenge and strengthen your entire body.


This is a high-intensity workout combining boxing, cardio and circuits. Suitable for all fitness levels, this class will help blitz calories and tone the body.


This will work every angle of your core to define and sculpt the abdominals, obliques, and lower back.

Fitness Pilates

Fitness Pilates is taught to music in a group exercise format and included Warm Up, Mobility, Active and Passive Flexibility, Standing, Functional Exercises, Mat, Stretch and Relaxation.