Terms and Conditions

Country Club Gym Membership

Terms and Conditions and Agreement

On signing up to the membership scheme you may be asked to complete a participant readiness questionnaire which is designed to help you. please disclose any condition which you or any other medical practitioner may consider might effect your ability to use our facilities safely and correctly.

By signing this agreement you warrant, declare and acknowledge that:

  1. The information given by you in entering this agreement is correct and will be relied upon by us.
  2. To the best of your knowledge and belief you are in good health and not knowingly incapable of engaging in either active or passive exercise and that such exercise would not be detrimental to your health, safety, comfort, well being or physical condition. Further, that you will advise us immediately should your circumstances change.
  3. You should read this agreement, including the terms and conditions, before signing it.
  4. Irrespective of attendance or change in personal circumstances, this agreement cannot be cancelled.
  5. This agreement will become binding upon both parties once a signed membership agreement is completed by you.
  6. If you wish to cancel a 1 month rolling membership, you must give us 30 days written notice. 

Principle Terms

  1. This agreement commences when you receive your premises access key.
  2. Your membership starts on the Membership Start Date
  3. You will be entitled to all the rights and privileges exercisable for the type of membership chosen.
  4. You cannot transfer this agreement to anyone else.

Fees and Charges

  1. The joining fee/initial payment is due from you to us, in payable immediately and is not refundable in any circumstances.
  2. The Subscription Payment Amount is due from you to us. You are obligated to make the Minimum Number of Subscription Payments stated with the first one being paid on the 1st Subscription Payment Date and then every month thereafter. For the avoidance of doubt, you are obligated to make every Subscription Payment regardless of non attendance, whatever the reason for non attendance may be.
  3. If you fail to pay any monies due under his agreement or if any Subscription is returned unpaid or any cheque is returned unpaid or if any form of payment is not honoured for whatever reason, you shall pay us on demand an administration fee of £25.
  4. You agree to advise us immediately of any change to the Members Details provided.
  5. If you fail to pay any amount due under this agreement for a period of more than thirty days, then we may pass the debt to a third Party company for collection. The reasonable costs incurred in employing the third party company will be borne to you including costs on tracing y0u should you have changed your address without telling us.


  1. In order to extend your membership after completing the Minimum Number of Subscription Payments, we will automatically continue collecting the Subscription payment amount every month. Your membership will be extended by one month each payment. Each payment made is not refundable under any circumstances. This renewal Subscription Payment Amount may only be amended if we advise you in writing giving 14 days notice. Please note – if your membership included the benefit of a Free period then we will stop making collections during that Free period and recommence making collections on the renewal date.

General terms

  1. You agree to comply with the Country Club Rules which are displayed in the Country Club and relate to opening hours, use of facilities and your conduct. We may take reasonable changes to these Rules at any time provided we give you advance notice of the change.
  2. If we take no action or let you off any breach of this agreement or give you extra time to pay or comply, it will not stop us enforcing the terms of this agreement strictly at a future date.
  3. We may assign the benefit of this agreement and our rights there under to a third party on notice to you. your rights under this agreement will not be prejudiced.
  4. This agreement is governed by English Law.
  5. We may terminate this agreement with immediate effect on notice to you if you are in breach of the Country Club Rules. In this event you will not be liable to pay any further Direct Debit payments, provided such breech is not deemed by us to have occurred primarily in order to qualify you for a refund.
  6. There may be occasions where we have to close all, or part of, the gym of which you are a member. We will do our best to let you know of such closures in advance of them taking place, unless the problem is urgent or an emergency. We will use all commercially reasonable endeavours to ensure that such closures are outside of peak visiting hours and are kept to a minimum, in both duration and frequency. You will not be entitled to a refund of part of, or all of, your membership fees in such circumstances.

Important – use of your information

This information held about you by Credit Reference Agencies may be linked to records relating to any person with whom you are linked financially. Read the “Use of Associated Records” before you sign.

We may instruct a third party company to search your records at Credit Reference Agencies who will add a “Footprint” of those search to their record about you. this “Footprint” will not be seen by other organisations that makes searches. This and other information about you and those with whom you are linked financially may be used to make decisions about credit related services such as insurance for you and members of your household, trace debtors and recover debt.

Please telephone us on 01964 632045 if you want to have details of those Credit Reference Agencies from whom we obtain information about you. You have a legal right to these details. You have a right to receive a copy of the information we hold about you if you apply to us in writing.

Use of Associated Records

We may search records at Credit Reference Agencies which may be linked to records relating to your spouse/partner or other persons with whom you are linked financially and other members of your household. For the purposes of this agreement, you may be treated as financially linked and you will be assessed with reference to “associated” records.

General Data Protection Regulation

Our Privacy Policy governs the use and storage of your data. You can see our current Privacy Policy at https://www.patrington-haven.co.uk/privacy-cookies this Privacy Policy is subject to change but will be available in this location.

From time to time, we may also use your information to contact you for market research purposes. We may need to pass your information to trusted suppliers, manufacturers and businesses in connection with the products and services offered by the Leisure Park. This does not include selling or passing on your data to unrelated parties.

In the event that you wish to complain about how we have handled your personal data, please contact the Data Protection Officer at admin@phlp.co.uk or in writing at Patrington Haven Leisure Park Limited, Patrington, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU12 0PT.

You can contact the ICO (Information Commission Office, https://ico.org.uk/) and file a complaint with them.