As soon as the clocks go back and mornings and evenings are increasingly darker and chillier, staying in bed can be very tempting and fitness goals easily take the backburner. We have some tips from our Personal Trainers, Jenny & Ricky who are based at The Country Club in Patrington, East Yorkshire, that will help you stay motivated for exercising, so that you’re well-prepared to indulge over Christmas!

Make it social 

Some people love exercising on their own, but for others, it is helpful to have company, especially when the weather makes it hard to keep motivated. Buddy up with a friend at the Country Club Gym or for walks or runs, or even get involved with a local group or one of our fitness classes. 

Get a head start on your summer body 

If you were to start working towards achieving your summer body goals in November, you will not only give yourself plenty of time to meet them, but you will also be ahead of most people who wait until April and later! The winter is a great time to get ahead and push yourself to start noticing changes before everyone else. 

Book a fitness class 

It’s always a good idea to mix up your fitness routine by booking onto a fitness class. Classes are great for providing something to look forward to and devoting time to an appointment means you’re probably more likely to attend. The Gym at the Country Club has a fantastic selection of fitness classes available, from Studio Cycling to Booty Burn there’s plenty to get involved with. Find out more about our fitness classes here.

Body Tone Fitness Class

Swap your daily run for a swim! 

Swimming is easy on the joints and is an excellent method for losing weight, toning up, strengthening your heart and for kick-starting your day. Instead of pulling yourself out of bed first thing to face the freezing cold with a run, why not enjoy a few leisurely laps with a swim indoors. Members at the Gym at the Country Club are free to use the indoor heated swimming pool every day from 6:30pm, take a look here.

One of best ways to get motivated is by working with a fitness professional through personal training. The role of a personal trainer is very much in the name ‘personal’ and our trainers are fully qualified in helping clients with confidence and motivation. Meet our friendly personal trainers here.

At The Gym at the Country Club, members are free to use the fantastic facilities, swim to their hearts content in the heated swimming pool and get involved with up to 11 different fitness classes. Interested in becoming a member? Find out more here.